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MONEY: The local currency is the UAE dirham (AED or DHS), which is divided into 100 fils and is pegged against the USD $ (USD $ 1: AED 3.6725). Credit and debit cards are widely accepted. Foreign currencies and travelers’ cheques can be exchanged in licensed exchange offices, banks and hotels, and a passport is required. Personal cheques can be a bit trickier, and many places won't accept them. If shopping in the souks (markets) or in smaller shops, cash is the best option.

ATMS: Most banks operate ATMs, which accept a range of cards. Most ATMs, although linked to a specific bank, are part of a central network, so you can transact with a bank card for a nominal charge. Common systems accepted around Abu Dhabi include American Express, cirrus, global access, MasterCard, plus system and visa. ATMs can be found in all shopping malls, major supermarkets, most petrol stations, and the airport. For international cards, the exchange rates used in transactions are normally competitive and the process is faster and far less hassle than using traditional travelers’ cheques.

MONEY EXCHANGE: Bureau de change offices are all over Abu Dhabi and often offer better rates than the banks. You'll find them in all major malls and popular shopping districts. They are usually open Saturday to Thursday, from 8am to 1pm and 4.30pm to 8.30pm, and on Friday evenings. Many hotels will also exchange money and travelers’ cheques at standard (non-competitive) rates.

ELECTRICITY: UAE’s voltage is 220-240ac, 50 Hertz, Plug Type G.

SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted in most public places and transportation vehicles.

TIME DIFFERENCE: UAE time Is 4 Hours ahead of GMT.



DARB A traveler information tool for Abu Dhabi residents and visitors, DARB mobile provides an “Intelligent transport system in the palm of your hand”. the DARB mobile app provides with live data on traffic conditions, traffic incidents and road works in Abu Dhabi, real-time bus arrival information at the nearest bus stops, and access to current airport information, including departures, arrivals, and parking.

CAREEM Careem's affordable, chauffeured car booking service. book comfortable and hassle-free ride in the middle east in seconds. On-demand Careem are also available in the city 24/7.

EXPERIENCE ABU DHABI APP The searchable, portable experience Abu Dhabi APP is available on IOS and ANDROID, and delivers fast and easy-to-navigate information straight to your phone. Explore the latest attractions and experiences, learn about Abu Dhabi culture and heritage, and find out where the hottest hotels, restaurants and malls are. Cool off with watersports and cruises, be inspired by architectural wonders, tee off at one of many great golf courses or enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime desert escape.

VISIT ABU DHABI APP APP Find fast and easy-to-navigate information on getting to and around the Emirate. Cool off with our watersports and cruising experiences, be inspired by our architectural wonders, tee off at one of our great golf courses or enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime desert escape in the empty quarter.

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